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Welcome to our Crystal Suit Family - we do things differently here... we treat everyone like V.I.P.'s !!!

What we are all about...

When I started The Crystal Suit, I wanted to give our clients a truly CUSTOM experience.

One on one and face to face... whether it's in person or via video!

There are NO options for ladies to order a custom fitness competition suit on-line, no typing in their measurements months in advance - no stress trying to choose everything on their own.

None of our work is passed on to someone else... master seamstress Fran & I do ALL THE WORK OURSELVES - nothing is farmed out to anyone else - we wouldn't dream of it!

We hold ourselves to the highest level of quality and service.

We prefer to stay on a personal level with each and every one of our clients. 

Our goal is to help every single woman to feel comfortable and confident when she steps on 

stage in a custom Crystal Suit. 

Each suit is unique and we won't allow 2 of the same colour/design of suit to go 

to the same show - we insist on being unique. 

We can't control what other athletes wear, but we make sure we 

don't duplicate the suits we design for our clients for each show.


• We make sure you are 100% happy with your suit, since it was made just for you.

• Suits are not returnable. We do not buy back, rent or sell used suits from clients.

• All our Crystal Suits include complimentary alterations & maintenance, should you loose

 any crystals, or need something touched up - for as long as you wear it.

• We DO NOT alter, fix or crystal suits we nave not made ourselves. 


Non Refundable $100 deposits are required for ladies custom suits upon confirmation of your order - balance due upon pick up or shipping.  Should you postpone your show and your 

suit is already completed... full payment is due at original date agreed upon. 

Pick up/shipping can be delayed for up to 30 days 

(and if it needs altered again... that's all included of course). 

We do not take custom suits back or do consignments.

• We accept cash, e-transfers and most major credit cards. Debit is not available.


• Complimentary consult / fitting appointments are available for Ladies only (in person or via video). 

We do not see men in our private studio... but we are happy to help via phone to ensure you order the correct suit colour, style and size.

Colleen McConnell - Designer/Owner

Frequent Questions:

Q- How far in advance should I book my in-studio or video appointment?

A- We book appointments 2-3 months in advance, so please contact us early.

Q- How much time does it take to make a      custom suit / when should be see you?

A - We appreciate 4-5 weeks for production, so you have your suit about a week before or the week of your show date.

Q- What if I want to use my Crystal Suit for another show, and it's not fitting right?

A- Ladies can book a complimentary 

"fit-check" appointment and we can make slight alterations, so there is no gaping

 (it's all included with your suit).

Q- Can I order my suit 3 months in advance & get it a few weeks before my show date?

A- We are a true "custom" design company and since most athletes physiques change closer to their show... we want to ensure a perfect fit - we don't guess on sizing weeks before your body prep is complete.

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We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

If you are booking a video consult/fitting & would like some complimentary fabric swatches... just let us know. Private in-studio appointments available for our Ladies only. CLOSED Sundays.

The Crystal Suit

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